Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Much-Welcome Rain

For a spring on PEI, it's been amazingly dry and sunny.  That is wonderful for small children, who want to play outside, but we need rain for the garden.  So waking up today to the promised wet weather was a relief, and the falling raindrops were very much welcome.  As seedlings and new grass and trees and perennials (and wildlife too!) soak in a longed-for drink of fresh, cool water, little boys get a bit rambunctious in the house.

So I took mine outside.  In his pyjamas.  To jump in puddles.  We'll get back to gardening when it dries up a little bit, but this morning was a time to play.


  1. You're an awesome mom!!!!!

    1. :) I love my kids immensely but I find that lately I sometimes have been using time that could be spent playing to finish the dishes or fold some laundry or make a bed, and then I feel guilty afterward. So today I actually left the baby cereal to harden on the hardwood floor and spent Susannah's whole nap time playing a board game and puddle jumping with James. I'm so glad I did, I still got the dishes done later, and we both had a great morning!

  2. I have the cutest nephew!!!

  3. I am jealous of your boots!!

    Also, I love that you left him in his PJ's.... sometimes I try to overdress so he doesn't get "wet" and forget that the getting wet is half (most) of the fun. :)


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