Friday, June 15, 2012

Samuel's Coffee House

I'm blogging over at Cradled in the Waves today, a group blog (loosely) about PEI, that I share with three other lovely ladies.  I'm supposed to post on Tuesdays, but due to some technical ridiculousness this week, I'm a few days late.  One of the topics we have at that blog is suggesting places to visit and things to do while on PEI, whether you're a resident of our fair isle or one of our many visitors.  So I shared about the coffee place that I go to every Friday with my friends, and that I just started working in as a cook.  Check out the post here, and I'll be back to the Hopeful Homesteader soon.


  1. Wow, you are one busy girl!!! Hope it's a great work experience for you.

    1. Thanks Susan! Yes it seems like things are pretty busy lately, but I am only working about 20 hours a week and a lot of that is during time when Craig is home with the kids so it's a much more convenient way to ease back into an "out-of-the-home" lifestyle. It is definitely showing me though that this fall back at school is going to be quite a time commitment! So far I am really enjoying working there, the staff is great and I like making the soups and granola and even just regular prep work, it's so different from what I've done before but not really all that different from what I do at home. :)


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