Monday, January 28, 2013

A Reason for Writing

I want to gingerly step back into blogging again.  I am a little unique, to say the least, among my friends in terms of my interests, and so it is a way to connect with like-minded people, even if we never meet face-to-face, to ask questions and learn and share experiences and express desires for a life that is more connected to the natural world we are so privileged to have access to.  When I started blogging, I think that I became a little dazzled by the crazy amount of knowledge out there, by the quasi-professional blogs that have tonnes of readers and loads of information and a kind of authority that took a simple dream of mine and turned it into an enormous reality right before my eyes--a reality that I realized I knew very little about!

I started trying to write more often, filled with enthusiasm and an excitement for everything that I was learning, but I think that along the way I started to feel a certain amount of pressure to compare to some of these other blogs.  A comparison really wasn't possible, but I started to want to impress people rather than just share who I was and how honestly inexperienced I am in this area.  I think I was pretty straight about my lack of experience, but I was trying to be interesting at the same time.  In some ways, it was a good thing, because it nudged me into trying things that I had thus far only been daydreaming about.  However, I think it became a little overwhelming.

I am, after all, not a homesteader extraordinaire.  I'm a "hopeful homesteader".  I am just taking the first baby steps on a journey to a lifestyle that is much more in sync with the earth that I love and that was so lovingly created.  So I'm scaling back.  I'm going to be brutally honest and I'm not going to feel that I have to live up to any other homesteading blogs out there.  I'm not making money from this, I don't have classes to teach, I am most certainly not an avid photographer, and if what I write isn't earth-shattering to a lot of people, it might spark a conversation with one or two or inspire another newbie, like me.

So here I am, the lowly and humble but very much hopeful homesteader.  I hope you'll be back for a visit soon.

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