Friday, March 2, 2012

My Custom Homestead-Day 6

Day 6
Priorities, priorities...  Out of all the hopes, dreams, goals, statement of purpose, mapping, etc., what are my urgent and not-so-urgent priorities?  What needs to be done ASAP and what can wait a few months or more?  I'll list them out in relation to my goals for this first year that I outlined a couple of days ago.


  1. Get the community garden approved, implemented, up and running.  I really want all of this to happen this year, but even if we just get all of the infrastructure in place with beds ready to plant next spring, that would still be a success in my mind.
    • On that note, start some seeds.  Nothing says I have faith in this project than starting a bunch of seeds that will need a home, right?
  2. Get city and police approval for my backyard laying hens.  At the moment, I have a great source of farm fresh eggs at our local farmers' market, so it's not imperative that this happen immediately.  However, I really want to befriend some feathered ladies!
    • Build the chicken coop so that my girls have somewhere to live, and I'm sure having it already established will help with getting approval.
  3. Learn to make soft cheese.  I am craving some stracchino, and I really want to try mozzarella as it is one of my favourite things in the universe.
  1. Attend the beekeepers association meeting that I am hoping to get to.  I really want to, but bees aren't in my immediate future anyway so if I can't do it in the next little while, that's ok.
  2. Get cracking in the kitchen with increased preserves.  I really hope to ramp up my preserving this year, but that won't be until the summer/fall anyway.
I'd say those are enough priorities for now, I could get a little carried away if I let myself!


  1. That is a very exhaustive list...looks like you are going to be one busy mama.

    1. Yes, I probably am--more than I imagine! I'm not going to stress about it, but will definitely take steps to work toward these goals as they're all things I really do hope for in our life and for our family. But this community garden is going to be the first thing on my list. :)


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