Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick Community Garden Update

I attended a city council meeting this evening where the community garden was brought up for the second time to council.  It was a brief mention, but I wanted to be there to put a face to the project and show that it is being spear-headed by a real person who is really standing behind it.  I'm hoping I hear soon about how to move forward, I feel somewhat at a standstill until I know that it has been approved.  Then I can get on with finding all my volunteers, in-kind supporters, etc.

After my brief appearance at City Hall, I scooted out to the outskirts of town for a Life Group meeting.  As it wrapped up, the lady who closed in prayer took a moment to pray for this community garden.  It took me a bit by surprise as there were some big issues that some of the other women had asked to receive prayer support for--but it was really lovely and I hope that with rolled-up shirt sleeves, community involvement, and yes, prayer, this community garden will really get off the ground (into raised beds!).

Maybe it could look a little something like this?

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  1. So proud of you for going! Looking forward to hearing further news, as I suspect I will end up being one of your volunteers!


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