Thursday, February 23, 2012

Retro Reading

I was over at my parents' house today, when my dad told me that he had some reading material for me.  He disappeared down into the basement and brought up a huge armload of magazines.  He jokingly told me that these were more or less heirlooms that he knew that I would appreciate:

There is a huge stack of them dating 1981 through 1985, and they cover a plethora of topics perfect for someone like me who is starting out homesteading.  I know we had vegetable gardens and chickens and a woodlot when I was growing up, but I never really put it together with my lawyer dad being a homesteading hopeful just like I am.  It's fun to know that I got this dream just as much, or maybe more so, from my father when I thought my desire for this lifestyle came from my mom and her upbringing on a farm.  Either way, whether they think I'm a romantic dreamer or not--they only have themselves to blame.

I love you both and am very excited to go through these old journals!  They have surfaced at a very opportune time as I am hoping to start chronicling the planning of my homesteading ways here on the blog, through a step-by-step process outlined in a great e-book that I recently purchased and am starting to read.  These will be quite helpful as I figure it all out!

If any readers here on PEI are interested in going through these with me at any point, please let me know.  As I am hoping to cut down on clutter in our home, I am planning on cutting out the articles that interest me most and recycling the rest which seems like a shame--these are almost like an encyclopedia!


  1. I love that something Dad dredged up from the basement is actually going to be super useful, much like the hot-pot of Grampa's he found for me in uni. I should actually take a peek at some of these with you, they looked pretty neat actualy.

  2. (I do know how to spell "actually")

  3. I've always loved your dad, this makes me love him just a little bit more :)


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